Project 54

54. Shock Value 2
December 5, 2010, 6:28 pm
Filed under: Life Savers, Week 13: Shock Value

After 13 weeks, Project 54 is finally COMPLETE!!!!

I really wanted my last piece to involve one of my Life Saver characters that I had previously created during this project. I was very inspired by when I Google-searched “Controversy” and found an x-ray picture of Pamela Anderson, which made me think of the M&M’s with Pretzels campaign. Using both of those ideas, I was inspired to create something along the lines that would “shock” people to find out what I think Life Savers are really made of, and for them to know what they are truly eating whenever they pop a Life Saver in their mouth.


****This is a very large image, for a better view, please click on the image and use the magnifier.


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Congrats on completing the project!!!!!! This is a really creative concept. It stands out. I’ve enjoyed looking at all your work this semester!!

Comment by mzahler

This is really good

Comment by kingsilk88

Love this. It would have been awesome if you could have made a video with that little Life Saver man and his hipster glasses. But good concept and congrats on finishing! Don’t give up on it though!

Comment by victoriavalentine

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