Project 54

49. What I’m Thankful For
November 28, 2010, 12:59 pm
Filed under: Life Savers, Week 12: Thanksgiving

When we first received this directive, I was completely clueless on what I was going to do because I had already something for Thanksgiving last week. So I just decided to make a simple list of things I am thankful for.


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Life Savers is plopped onto this idea.

Incorporate Life Savers into the story of your work. Don’t just plop Life Savers onto the finished piece of work.

To tell if Life Savers is plopped into or onto your work (and therefore not part of the idea of the work), look at your finished work, cover up “Life Savers” or the picture of the candy, and see if the work changed.

Another way to see if Life Savers is plopped into your work is to replace the picture of the Life Saver candy with a picture of a car tire. If the replacement(s) change the work, then Life Savers is probably part of the idea. If the replacement(s) do not change the work very much, Life Savers was not part of the idea… it was just plopped on top of the idea.

Good communications don’t have stuff (especially brands) plopped into or onto them. Good communications are focused on the core message without any extra baggage.

Comment by Scott

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